About Us

Discover The Story Behind Florentine Gold: Natural Deodorant And Wellness Products From Australia

Join the Florentine Gold family, a blend of nature’s most refined ingredients aimed at peak health and wellness. Our natural wellness products, designed with precision under strict TGA-cGMP standards. Each product is crafted using the best of all-natural, herbal ingredients.

Natural Healing with Florentine Gold: At the core of Florentine Gold is an unwavering belief in nature’s healing. We combine nature’s bounty to create solutions for diverse health needs, including natural skincare products, joint pain relief, burn remedies, and more, offering holistic wellness and wellbeing.

Assured Quality in Natural Wellness: Our commitment to TGA-cGMP standards reflects in every product, ensuring you receive only the highest industry-standard wellness items. Trust Florentine Gold for your well-being.

Your Natural Health Partner: Florentine Gold’s goal is to enhance your health journey. Understanding that external applications impact health as much as diet, we source the purest natural ingredients, ensuring our products’ effectiveness. Choose Florentine Gold for natural health excellence.

A Global Name in Natural Wellness: As Florentine Gold’s presence grows internationally, our heart remains with local communities. We aim to be the go-to for standardized complementary medicine worldwide, ensuring accessibility through partnerships, customer feedback, and regulatory compliance.

Become a Florentine Gold Advocate: Join the satisfied users of Florentine Gold products who vouch for their benefits, from skincare to overall health. Experience the Florentine Gold standard in natural remedies.

The History of Florentine Gold’s Natural Products: Discover the passion behind Florentine Gold, a leader in natural deodorant and wellness products made from crystal mineral salts. Tracing back to Florentine Health est 1990 and the dedication from for founders Joe and Jenny, our brand’s legacy stands strong. Paul and Nicky the new custodians of a treasured business since 2011, have honored past ethics, standards and values, ensuring the Florentine Gold tradition continues to grow.

Choose Florentine Gold for Authentic Natural Wellness: Witness the unmatched quality that’s been the hallmark of our brand for decades. Elevate your health with our range of natural deodorants and wellness products, handcrafted in Australia.