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Discover The Story Behind Florentine Gold: Natural Deodorant And Wellness Products From Australia

Founded in 1990 by visionaries Joe and Jenny as Florentine Health, our brand has always been dedicated to crafting exceptional natural wellness products made from pure crystal mineral salts and botanical essential oils. In 2011, we, Paul and Nicky, became the proud owners of this health and wellness business, upholding its rich legacy, ethics, and uncompromising standards. Today, our Australian-made range is a testament to our enduring pursuit of authentic natural goodness.

Our story, however, dates back even further. It began in teenage years, marked by a constant battle with health issues and allergies from birth. In search of a better quality of life, we turned to natural and holistic treatments. After a twenty-year journey of transformative treatments, we were introduced to a particular deodorant recommended by a leading toxicologist. This deodorant, called “Florentine Gold,” was distributed by Florentine Health and was natural, effective, and free from irritation or health issues. We used and recommended this deodorant to friends and family for 10 years before it became our brand, believing that the business found us.

It was always a dream to create a natural product range for our family. When we discovered natural raw ingredients from a deceased estate for sale online, we purchased them with the intention of making products for home use, not to start a business. It was only later that we realised these ingredients came from the very company that made our favourite deodorant, and we came to the realisation that it wouldn’t be available anymore.

We saw an opportunity to not only improve the continued health of our family but also to enhance the well-being of other families. This realisation gave birth to the modern Florentine Gold. Our mission has always been to provide high-quality, natural products that promote optimum health.

Join the Florentine Gold family, where our unwavering belief in nature’s healing is at the heart of everything we do. We harness nature to create solutions for diverse health needs, including natural skincare products, joint pain relief, burn treatment, and more. Our holistic approach to wellness ensures that we provide comprehensive care for you and your family. Our commitment to the highest standards is reflected in every product, ensuring you receive only the highest industry-standard wellness items. Trust Florentine Gold for your well-being.

Florentine Gold’s goal is to enhance your health journey. Understanding that external applications impact health as much as diet, we source the purest natural ingredients, ensuring our products’ effectiveness. Choose Florentine Gold for natural health excellence.

As Florentine Gold’s presence grows internationally, our heart remains with local communities. We aim to be the go-to source for standardized complementary medicine worldwide, ensuring accessibility through partnerships, customer feedback, and regulatory compliance.

Join the satisfied users of Florentine Gold products who vouch for their benefits, from skincare to overall health. Experience the Florentine Gold standard in natural remedies.

Witness the unmatched quality that’s been the hallmark of our brand for decades. Elevate your health with our range of natural wellness products, handcrafted in Australia.